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Jimmy’s surprise birthday present

When Jimmy’s sister was murdered

in very-widely reported terrible circumstances, he moved from one end of the country to the other to support, and be supported by, his other dear siblings. And that’s where he stayed. After some months he was found a wee flat and he has been managing as best as he can- and with ongoing support from the Homicide Service, they are all doing that.

Then last week his old second-hand cooker broke down. Jimmy is a pensioner with no savings now, and so his support worker contacted us.

When she called to tell him he’d have a new one soon, she found that it was his 70th birthday and he was very low. That soon changed. She said,

“I could see it really made his day. He’d been really down but now he said it felt like a birthday, and the news was the best ever. It is clear that this is much more than just an appliance for him. Yes, he can cook for himself again, but he takes a lot of joy for cooking for his siblings and helping them, and I have now heard wonderful things about his ‘famous pasties’, everyone’s favourite apparently.

He could not be more grateful.” We are very pleased too.

[name changed]

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