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The Moira Fund, a grant making charity, has been established in memory of Moira Jones, who was murdered in Queens Park, Glasgow, in May 2008.

Following her death, family, friends and colleagues of Moira wished to establish a fund in her memory that would support others who found themselves bereaved through violent death at the hands of another.

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A New Bed for Jack

May 2024
When Ann's son was murdered on their doorstep, she along with Jack's younger brother and sister moved in with their dad.

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from the Moira Fund

We are a grant making charity setup to help those traumatically bereaved by the murder or manslaughter of a loved one.

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People have been helped through The Moira Fund


People have joined in on Moira’s Run since it began


The value of grants awarded to families £450k

How the fund has helped

Read some of the stories of how the fund has been used and continues to be a help in peoples time of bereavement

Starting a new school Fund

Starting a new school Fund

This is the time of year when many children are starting a new school and the expense of the necessary new uniforms puts much pressure on lots of families. This is made even harder when a family is devastated by the loss of a loved one, when jobs have been lost, health has suffered and every penny is already accounted for.

Starting a new school Fund

Special memorial necklace Fund

When Sarah lost her toddler son she was totally devastated. She would not leave the house where there was so much evidence of happy times shared, because she felt she was going out without him and she took a picture of him to bed every night to cuddle so she could sleep.

Starting a new school Fund

Running Free

Since the murder of their dad some months ago his three children, aged 2, 6 and 10, are being brought up by their grandmother, Julie. Since money is tight, and she has no transport anyway, it is very hard for her to manage any kind of day out for them all and she worries about that.

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They are now excited to know that The Moira Fund has bought annual passes for them all for their nearest fantastic theme park. There are adventures there for all ages and their gran is so delighted that "they can run free and enjoy themselves for the day". We are very pleased to help, and wish them lots of lovely days out together.

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