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About Moira Jones

Moira was born in and brought up in the village of Weston, Staffordshire, the eldest child and only daughter to Beatrice and Hu’ and ‘big sister’ to Grant.

Photo of Moira


A talented artist, Moira studied graphic design before changing path and went on to graduate with an honours degree in Business Studies from the University of Central England in Birmingham. She started her career with Thomson Holidays in London and enjoyed seven years with them, climbing the career ladder.

She moved onto a senior role with Williams Lee in Canary Wharf and the City where she was ‘incredibly well respected’. She moved to Glasgow in 2003. She loved her life there – her flat, the Glasgow humour and the new friends she made.

Moira was warm and smiling, vivacious, intelligent and stylish. “Her personality and ability shone through with equal brilliance” and she was genuinely interested in everyone, people from all walks of life. She had ‘the rare ability to really listen and could engage with them all’. She was a loyal friend to many, unfailingly supportive of others and made people feel better about themselves, celebrated others’ successes as if they were her own.

Moira was full-of-fun and loved life. She loved to socialise: “She was a magnet for goodwill and everyone warmed to her.” “Her sparkle and sense of mischief captivated those who knew her”. She would light up a room and was often the catalyst that got the party started. Travel was one of Moira’s passions - she enjoyed different countries and cultures and the great outdoors. She loved the British countryside and, whatever the weather, would love a walk along a Staffordshire towpath or on the hills, glens and beaches of Scotland.

At 40 years old Moira was widely-loved. She was popular and successful. There was much she wanted still to do - she had so much more to achieve and enjoy in her life.

Tragically, Moira was murdered in Queens Park, Glasgow, in May 2008. Her wit, her humanity, and her generosity of spirit have been lost to all who already loved her and to those whose lives she would have enriched in the future. The Moira Fund has been established in her memory.

“She was beautiful from the outside all the way to the core.”

Photo of Moira