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Only a washing machine!

It is only now, several years after the loss of her brother....

her soulmate, when she finds herself in much changed domestic circumstances, that all the horror and pain of his death have caught up with Clara and she is struggling to cope.
She contacted the Homicide Service. 

When her Support Worker visited Clara in her very poorly-equipped flat she found that there was no washing-machine, no drying-green and that every two or three days she was having to make a long trek both ways with her 4 year-old son, and with her washing, to the nearest laundrette, whatever the weather  This trip was taking hours out of her day.  
It was really brought home to us how much we take for granted. It seems like a small thing but the washing machine we provided is going to make a real difference to Clara and her little boy. She already feels ‘really lifted’ by our help.