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Not in the news!

We frequently read and hear of murder cases in the news but it is rare for us to read of the plight of those left behind,  those whose lives are changed forever by the violent death of a loved one, those who will also lose jobs, earnings, friends, health, and be unable to function as they once did, and have needs which will not be addressed.

Many people assume, quite naturally, that help is readily available through support services when a family loses a loved one to murder. This is not the case. There is no funding mechanism in place for most of the support provided by The Moira Fund. We help families, without any fuss, in a practical way and at the right time, when they need it most. We thought we’d share some of these stories in our News


Jane’s Story

We were asked to help Jane, a young mother of two when her younger brother  was murdered. She described him as her best friend and said she felt unable to function and move on without him.  She was signed off her hospital work due to anxiety and depression. She wanted to live closer to her mum who was some distance away and had a terminal illness. With help from a housing association, Jane managed to obtain a house swap. However this property needed much attention to make it a fit and clean home her two young daughters. She was on benefits, no longer had savings but friends were going to help her and so The Moira Fund provided B &Q vouchers for decorating materials, paint and paper,  curtains, and a bed for her youngest.  Jane wrote, “I am so encouraged by the strength of Moira’s family and want to say a big thank you from my family to yours for the help received from The Moira Fund which will go a long way to help me and my family start a new life in a different location. God Bless you all.”


Sally’s story

Sally, a lovely lady much involved in her community work had been a pensioner for a long time. When her 46 year old son was murdered she was totally devastated. She spent her life-savings on his funeral. She managed to put a small deposit on a headstone but it couldn’t be put up until she had completed her payment plan. She was old, unwell and the instalments for this meant she was struggling constantly to make ends meet, anxious about the time it would take and the time she had left.

Our contribution gave her some peace of mind and her “Thank you” was clearly heartfelt.



Derek’s Story

Derek’s 25 year old son Kev was killed by his girlfriend. His wife, Kev’s mother, killed herself shortly after his murder as she couldn’t cope with his death. Derek was looking after his 3 other children, Kev’s siblings aged between 17 and 21 as they all struggled with their grief. They would normally have had a family break in August but Derek was  unable to work and thought anyway that it was more important that he was there for his children when they needed him

It was felt that this family would benefit greatly from a break away together and Derek spoke fondly of past family holidays in Cleethorpes,  and he thought if they could go there together it would help them to rekindle positive memories as well as reinforce to them that they were still part of a loving family. The Moira Fund made this possible by paying for a week’s stay in a caravan. Derek couldn’t believe that there was a charity which would help him in this way.