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A beautiful family – totally devastated

“Hello my name is Sylvia...

and I am the mother of George, a loving son, partner and wonderful father of four who was murdered by a gang last year on his daughters birthday after helping a homeless man outside his home with food from the party. My Homicide worker from the Victim Support team contacted you to see if you could help with a holiday for my grandchildren.

I cannot express my gratitude enough and I thank you with all my heart as it has been the worst year of our lives and we all need to spend some quality time with the children as they surely have not had any of it last year.

Attached is a photo of George with his fiancée and their four children. Thank you again,


We know that grandmother, Sylvia, is very concerned for the children but we know too that such a break will be very good for their heartbroken mum as well as their gran and grandad.

We wish them happy times. Names changed and photo withheld for confidentiality - it was simply beautiful