There are a number of fundraising events being planned across the country in support of The Moira Fund. Please keep checking the site to see how you can support The Moira Fund in your area.

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Moira's Run 2018

Moira’s Run is always a amazing event....

with fun, warmth and togetherness much in evidence as the Queen’s Park community and serious and not-so-serious runners from all over, run together in memory of Moira and to support Moira’s charity.

This year, 2018, brought the tenth anniversary of Moira’s murder and, with it, renewed pain and heartache to many as distressing events were replayed both publicly and privately.

And so, this year’s Moira’s Run, with its emphasis on the positive, with its ethos of warmth, friendliness and wonderful support, will be more important than ever. We do hope you will be there. We appreciate so much the presence of every entrant.

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