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The Moira Fund – 10 Years

This April brings the 10th Anniversary

of the setting up of The Moira Fund in 2009 when we announced outside the High Court in Glasgow that we were establishing a charity in Moira’s name which would help families who, like us, had been traumatically bereaved through the murder of a loved one.

We wanted to help with needs which were not being addressed by official funds and it soon became apparent to us that there were a great many of these needs. We realised that along with the shock, pain, heartbreak and bewilderment, families were struggling with financial hardship too and going into debt. It has been estimated that on average a murder costs a family £37,000 and that does not include loss of earnings.

Well within 12 months of that date, thanks to the wonderful support of Moira’s employers, her family and friends in England and Scotland, we became a viable charity and were ready to respond to requests for help made on behalf of victims’ families by Police, Homicide and Victim Support Officers.

We have been doing that ever since and we want you all to know that your money has been very well spent. To date we have now helped more than one thousand families nationwide in all sorts of ways and one thousand families adds up to many more individuals.

We are also involved now in the setting up of a service for murder victims in Scotland. For a long time we have known that they were not getting the help that English families were and we have campaigned for change. This is now happening and we are very pleased about that.

Although we remain a very small charity of unpaid volunteers working out of our back bedroom, we have achieved much in Moira’s name and we want to keep doing that.

We thank you for your help with this, appreciate very much the support we’ve had from all around the country and especially from Glasgow and our home ground of Weston.

If you think you could help us with fundraising in any way, by taking part in a sponsored event or organising a coffee morning, a raffle, anything, small or large, we’d love to hear from you.

Many thanks and kind regards,

Beatrice Jones