photos of Moira

Moira’s Run will take place

not only this year but next year and
for years to come in our dear green Queen’s Park.
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This is thanks to the intervention of Victim Support Scotland and the Support for Families Bereaved through Crime Service. They will now sponsor the event. We are delighted. They know how important it is not only to the community and all our dedicated runners and walkers, but to the traumatised families who come too. They know just how many Scottish families have been helped by Moira’s Run. They know that every penny of the proceeds of each Moira’s Run is spent on an ever-increasing number of folks struggling to cope with the loss of a loved one through murder.

We are so grateful to Kate Wallace of VSS for her reassurance and are now looking forward with renewed vigour to seeing you all on

29th October.

Bea Jones, Chair

Colin Field, Deputy Chair

The Moira Fund

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