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Christmas 2022 - thank you letters

This year, like last, thanks to the fundraising and donations

from so many wonderful supporters, we were able to give a wee helping hand to many families struggling to cope financially as well as emotionally with Christmas. We sent them shopping vouchers. We are so pleased with the response from so many and want to share some of them with you.

“Thank you so much – and to The Moira Fund. I really appreciate this and you have no idea how much this has helped.”

“Thank you so much for the support toward Christmas. It will help make it special for Maya”

“Thank you to The Moira Fund. Bea is an angel. Please tell her thank you from all of us”

“Please tell Moira’s charity how much we appreciate this. The family have invited us for Christmas but it will be nice now to have something to bring and not be ashamed at not being able to.”

Thank you so much for the supermarket vouchers. I totally was not expecting that”

“Hi hen, got my vouchers thanks, and most of all thanks to wee Bea. Hope she is ok and all the others whose sons and daughters’ life has been taken”

“Oh, that is an awful lot. It will help me so much”

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