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A much deserved break

Julie’s husband went missing 6 years ago

while out raising money for charity. She was in a state of flux. She seldom left the house. She couldn’t visit family or socialize at all, she was constantly awaiting news from the police. She wasn’t able to visit her sister who lives abroad.

A year ago, his body was found. Since then, arrests have been made and now a big trial is looming. She has worked hard to cope but she desperately needs a break, a wee while to build her strength for what lies ahead. At the request of her Homicide Support worker we are so pleased The Moira Fund can help with this.

Now, flights are booked. She flies off very soon to see her sister. She has been so brave, is so grateful and is looking forward to that so much.

We wish Julie a lovely reunion, peace and renewed strength for the hard days ahead.

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